Two Bears: Don’t Do Nothing

So, I finally started my animal studies on and this was the first bear that I drew. Yikes.

Now, I know it’s bad, yeah? Honestly, I got kind of pissy after drawing this. Even though this is probably better than anything I could’ve drawn a few months ago, I was still mad.

So, after a bit of pacing and fuming, I came back, and tried again.

SO MUCH BETTER. Right? The anatomy is  significantly better, and it looks much better than the last.

That’s art; practice and practice and practice. I remember one of my favorite artists, Noah Bradley, saying that failure is not being unsuccessful, or not making it where you wanted. No, failure is doing nothing. 

If you’re bad at drawing, like me, stop giving a shit. Draw anyway. Every single artist started where you did, and you’re gonna have to work your ass off. So, enjoy the trip, work hard, and don’t fail; don’t do nothing.


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