Hive Knight Sketch

I’ve been a little absent here. I ran out of pens, so I’ve put my drawabox lessons on halt, and have been working on my art books instead. I’ve got some animal sketches I can upload, but for now, here’s a Hive Knight sketch from the game Destiny.






Boy, was this a fun one. I got the idea of this while listening to Don’t Fear the Reaper (of course). Well, I turned the sing on repeat, grabbed some references and got to it!

It was almost like something was keeping me from finishing it. Had to search around the room for a pencil. Finally found one and in the middle of sketching the cap shot off like a rocket, spilling graphite everywhere! I had to scramble under my desk looking for the cap, and finally found it. The paper was also starting to shred from only a few erasings, so I had to be very careful on the hands, which didn’t turn out amazing (know what I need to work on!).

It’s not the best, but god damn was this a ton of fun.